Planning and Advice

We support you during the plant implementation during plant operation.

You want to disintegrate biomass. We care for you to the entire process - from start to finish.

Advice from the start

We develop your ideas with our expertise, within the legal requirements and local conditions. We like to understand your philosophy and define the needs of time, money and resources.

Project management and coordination

On your behalf, we perform a quantity survey on site and assist you with concepts, talk to your civil engineer and energy provider. If required, we interact with municipalities and other regulatory agencies.

Development and Testing

It is not always possible to solve problems immediately. Any new ideas might require
trialling. We have stationary and mobile test equipment available as well as our own laboratory and a network of institutions and scientists that we can call on.

Planning & Design

Sound planning provides information for decision makers and performers. Factual dependencies are represented across different levels. This requires drawings and
images that we create with appropriate
CAD systems with the smallest detail in 3D.