Separators (drum cleaner)

Separators (drum cleaner) type TVT-SP separate fibers, chips and further solids from the pneumatic conveying air. The drum cleaner works with low flow resistance and can be mounted directly on containers, since the separated material exits without pressure.

The separation capacity depends on air volume, particle size and moisture. They can be adjusted by variable screen elements and regulation of the air flow.



Technical details
  • Compact, solid sheet steel construction in welded and bolted version
  • Blades with Vulkolan rubber sheets
  • Operating temperature max. + 60 ° C and min. - 10 ° C
  • Separation of particles > 3 mm
Filter sizes TVT-SP 5 TVT-SP 10 TVT-SP 20
Separation performance up to 5.000 m³/h 10.000 m³/h 20.000 m³/h
Drive power (kW) 1,1 2,2 4,0
Rotor revolutions (1/min) 1,6 16 17
Dimensions and weights without pipe connections
Height (approx. mm) 875 1120 1455
Width (approx. mm) 1072 1372 1884
Depth (approx. mm) 712 914 1310
Weight (approx. kg) 242 410 814
Delivery and Construction

Standard Scope of Delivery

  • Slip-on geared motor
  • Rectangular channel with cleaning port
  • Pipe transition on the input side and output side
  • Powder-coated, available in the colors RAL 7032 (grey) or RAL 1015 (beige)

Optional Equipment

  • Geared motor in ATEX version (ATEX category II 3 D)