Bin vent filter FTA

Jetfilter air cleaning, with high dust concentrations, cleans the air safely and economically. The prerequisite for their use is a relative humidity level below 90 %. The dust should be as dry as possible.

Tietjen provides Jetfilter for various applications, as required, as fitted or attachment filters or total separator.

Filter areas from 4,20 to 216,00 m²
Filter material needle felts made from Polyester, Polypropylene, Nomex;
Special equipment for many applications
High pressure cleaning system from 4 to 6 bar
Installation Indoor or outdoor installation
Operating temperatures from -50°C to +200°C
Housing material mild steel/stainless steel/aluminum
Surface protection (stainless steel) blasted with glass beads
Surface protection (steel) powder coated, painted or galvanized
Color RAL color palette
For Example: Bin vent filter

The Tietjen bin vent filter FTA as a proven component in dry grinding plants is designed as a bag filter and consists of a raw and clean gas housing in modular construction.


  • Solid steel construction in torsionally rigid, welded and bolted Version
  • Pilot valve box mounted directly on the air pressure tank
  • Filter bag frame in solid design with flow nozzles
  • Inspection port optional in the raw gas area
  • Clean gas nozzle by many connectible alternating/changeable Sheets 
  • Maintenance doors with quick release lever on the clean gas side for the pocket change
  • 110 mm pocket spacing for easy cleaning

Technical details:

  • Residual dust content: 20 mg/m³ air
  • Filter Dimensions: 475 x 1,000 mm
  • Filter Material: Polyester NF 550 AS (antistat version.)
Filter sizes TTA 14 TTA 21 TTA 28 TTA 42 TTA 63
Filter modules 1-2 1-3 2-2 2-3 3-3
Filter area (m²) 14 21 28 42 63
Filter Bag distance (m³/h) 8 8 16 16 24
Mass and Weight
Installation height (approx. mm) 1710 2370 1710 2370 2370
Width (approx. mm) 820 820 1640 1640 2460
Depth (approx. mm) 1108 1108 1108 1108 1108
Weight (approx. kg) - - - - -
EVN at Kst 320 420 420 480 565


Delivery and Construction

Standard Scope of Delivery

  • Differential Pressure Gauges with throttle and pre-filter, connections 2 x G 1/8 "
  • Filter pressure reducer 3/4 '' with stopcock
  • Electronic solenoid valve control with adjustable pulse and pause times
  • Compressed air tank with diaphragm valves, safety valve, pressure gauge, drain and main port
  • Powder-coated, available in the colors RAL 7032 (gray) or RAL 1015 (beige)

Optional Equipment

  • ATEX design ex (print Shockproof according to VDI 2263 Pred = 1.4 bar absolute)
  • Pressure relief valve E-VENT
  • Thermostatically controlled valve Heating
  • Pipe transition piece clean gas side
  • differential pressure regulators