More Biogas - Higher Return

Imprasyn is a biological - mechanical pulping process for biogas substrate. It increases the gas yield, improves substrate properties and permits the use of fiber-rich biomass. A wet grinding system combines and inoculates the material with the biological additive IMPRAmax. For maximum efficiency, Imprasyn only works on what your biogas plant cannot process alone: substrate is taken directly from the fermenter and after processing, is passed back into the fermenter, or to the secondary-digester/fermenter.

Imprasyn works like a ruminant. Mechanical energy and micro-organisms work together to quickly release hard to access nutrients from wood fibers. This means you can use ligno-cellulose rich substrates such as grass, clover, whole crop silage, solid manure or straw.

Your benefits:
Impra-Impact crusher
  • More yield: Up to 15% more biogas with the same amount of raw materials
  • Performance: Higher loading rate is possible
  • Substrate flexibility: Lower cost substrates become an option (e.g. grass, manure, straw)
  • Process optimization: Easy pumping, stirring and digestate/pulp production
  • Surface scum is minimized and the gas beads better
  • Energy efficiency: interval operation allows load management; reduced load on the pump and Agitators
  • Yield: Imprasyn pays for itself over time
Suitable for Your Plant
Imprasyn-Operator Raimar Beckmann in front of his biogas plant Hermannshof
IMPRASYN: Practical experience since 2011

You can integrate Imprasyn as a completed module in existing pump system or select the “plug-and-play” solution in the container with its own pump, manifold and control. The system is available in two performance classes. Together we can determine the most profitable option for your biogas plant configuration!

Imprasyn - simply better than others

  • Consistently high level in the break down of the total material
  • High impurity tolerance with the separation
  • Minimal wear and need for maintenance
  • Less energy consumption
  • High substrate flexibility
  • Heavy-duty industrial quality from our factory

Biogas Repowering
Your Biogas production starts faster:

  • Lower substrate costs
  • Less load on the fermentation line
  • Higher fermenter productivity