Tietjen Aspiration- A-VENT

Aspiration valve A-VENT

Systems that are aspirated, have an air supply opening. The Tietjen Aspirations valve A-VENT closes this opening in an explosion or deflagration and remains closed until the overpressure ceases.

A-VENT reliably holds back the flame and burnt and un-burnt mixture.

A-VENT - the economic solution for explosion protection:

  • In open aspirated operations
  • Air flow up to 120 m³ / min per valve
  • Low flow resistance
  • Available for all Tietjen Feeders
  • Very short closing time when overpressure is in the system
  • Low moving mass
  • Reliably prevents escape of explosive material and explosive flames
Technical details
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 760x760x495 mm (A valve incl. sound proofing hood.)
  • Air flow: up to 120 m³ / min
  • Ambient temperature: 40 ° C
At delivery
  • Valve assembly with insulation
  • Air flow adapter on request