Recycling Waste, Biomass and Packaging Separation

The DRM-hybrid method comprises a wet product treatment for food recycling. In the simplest way biomass is crushed in accordance with legal requirements for disinfection. In the same operation inorganic solids (such as packaging) are clearly separated. The digestion takes place with two rotors in a special grinder. Sieves with defined perforations guarantee the particle size of the ground material.

The systems are robustly built and very compact. You can reach peak values in the separation of 98% of inorganic matter and the highest purity of the organic and inorganic fraction. The process is particularly tolerant of impurities which the plant continuously excretes drops out.
For best suitability for daily use, all components have been tested and optimized together with user- operators. For example, the heavy upper housing halves can be opened by a hydraulic system for convenient maintenance. Thanks to simple technology, in the event of damage, the operators can help themselves, and not rely on specialists.


Technical Details
Mill size DRM 800
Width of screen (mm) 800
Grinding chamber (m²) 0,85
Drive 1500 1/min , 50 Hz speed between 1000 and 1800 rpm (30-60 Hz) possible
motor size (400 V, 50 Hz) 2 x 55 kW
Dimensions and Weights
Length (approx. mm) 2180
Width(approx. mm) 1870
Height (approx. mm) 1010
Weight without motor (kg) 3480
Performance Parameters
  Material with packaging
  100% 40%
Raw materials - volume (m³) 60 60
Raw materials – weight (t) approx. 26,5 approx. 35
Raw materials - density (t/m³) < 0,5 < 0,6
separation performance (m³/h) > 22 > 35
seperation performance (t/h) > 10 > 20
Density of Organic Matter (t/m³) ca. 0,9 ca. 0,9
Energy input/raw material mass (kWh/m³) approx. 2,5 – 3,5 approx. 1,5 – 2,5
Energy input/raw material mass (kWh/t) approx. 5,5 – 7,5 approx. 2,5 – 4,5

Performance parameters and substance evaluation data from continuous operation of a
DRM 800 - system with 2 x 55 kW main drives working between  50-90 Amps/motor.

Delivery and design

Standard Scope of Delivery : DRM – Hybrid

  • Mill body and rotor made of stainless steel V2A/ 1.4301 / AISI304
  • Rigid base Frame
  • Two Drive motor B3 with integrated PTC sensors
  • Bearing temperature control system
  • Flexible coupling with protection hood
  • Ten vibration dampers
  • Flange and seal frame for the ground material outlet
  • 1 set of beaters, fitted
  • 1 set of screens, fitted
  • 1 set of special Tools
  • Multilayer paint, choice of color
Plant engineering

Plant: Extensions for food recycling plant

According to your system requirements, we combine and add to the DRM-Hybrid system individually tailored system components to complete the processing plant, for a fully automatic operation, like:

  • The latest generation of barrels and Paloxen/Big box Tippers
  • Water-saving washing streets with low chemical use
  • Receiving bunker with dosing screws and patented agitator
  • Extra robust compactor for impurities
  • Various types of tanks (also raised on stilts)
  • Piping and pumps in accordance with hygiene regulations
  • Process control technology