From waste to energy

food recycling

Germany alone produces each year approximately fifteen million tons of organic waste from households, canteen kitchens, abattoirs and food manufacturing. This waste can be used as animal feed, for composting or as an energy source in biogas plants. In addition to the statutory framework, the use of such residues significantly depends on the proportion of inorganic or indigestible substances. The purity of organic waste is therefore of great importance for its subsequent use.

The Tietjen DRM-hybrid process allows for a simple and robust waste processing, the inorganic solids (e.g. packaging) and organic fractions with different dry matter contents are cleanly separated and disintegrated in one operation. DRM-hybrid is used by the German market leader in food recycling, but is also available as a compact system for smaller facilities.

Another specialty is the wet macerator BiMix series for slaughterhouse waste of any kind. All processing systems are seamlessly incorporated by Tietjen into existing processing chains.