Feed & Ethanol

Tietjen grinding plant
Tietjen grinding plant with feeder, mill, discharge hopper, air system, dedusting and explosion protection.

Excellent particle size at high throughput rates are a prerequisite for a competitive feed production, but also for alcohol production. Hammer mills are among the most successful technologies in these industries and are used for the preparation of all cereals, oil crops, starch plants and by-products, single or as mix.

Tietjen systems disintegrate biomass mechanically. Impact crushing, is typically performed with a hammer mill, a cutting mill or a crusher or roller mill, each supplemented by suitable conveying and feeding systems, hoppers, dust removal engineering or pipelines and pumps.

We configure complete grinding lines or only parts of it or single components for you. Use our services for processing all kind of grain, oleiferous fruits and amylaceous plants, their by-products and corresponding pre-mix, e.g. for:

  • Farm animals like pigs, cattle and other ruminants, as well as poultry, broilers and layers
  • Pet food, mainly for cats and Dogs
  • Horses
  • Sweet and salt water fish
  • Shellfish of each kind