Achieving more together

We do what we do best – hammer mills and grinding technology. Together with a large network of reliable partners, we realize individual customer solutions. For decades we have been dealing with grinding systems to produce animal feed and pet food down to the smallest detail. Therefore, we know about the variety of your requirements, such as the increase in performance for animal nutrition or optimal grain size distribution for pelleting or extrusion processes.

The Raiffeisen Kraftfutterwerk Mittelweser Heide GmbH (RKM) in Schweringen is a competent and reliable partner in all areas of animal nutrition, due to their extensive mix and single feed assortment. RKM contracted H. Wolking Mühlenbau-Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG in order to expand their factory with a new hammer mill.  Wolking created the plant design and layout of the GDL 12-F, which can now produce up to 25 tons of compound feed per hour. In the process Wolking got support from Tietjen.

The Tietjen service team commissioned the GDL 12-F in Schweringen at the end of April 2018. The scope of a commissioning includes the check-of installation, dry runs and acceptance and performance tests. The dry runs are carried out without product and show how the components act with each other. Safety and emergency stop sequences and the interaction of the components in automatic mode are tested. The subsequent acceptance test is done with product and confirms the performance of the system. Training is also an integral part of commissioning in order to familiarize the customer's operating and maintenance staff with their new system. All those tasks are carried by our service team.

Once again, we would like to thank Wolking for their great cooperation and trust!

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