Good solutions require experience and innovations. Typical for Tietjen is the combination of sound knowledge and the ambition to meet customer demands and be proud of a successful technical execution.


The origin
1975: Tietjen-Workers presents the LDX8

The farmer and founder Hinrich Tietjen started in the 1920s with the preparation of pig feed.He was aware that not only feed constituents have a large impact on feed utilisation of animals and hence successful fattening, but especially the grain structure, deciding the amount of nutrients being extracted in the digestive system.

Various crushing machines were tried. When Johannes Tietjen, a trained engineer,
took over the technical development, the first hammer mill was build in-house with a pneumatic control that was eventually patented internationally and in 1959 a separate engineering company was set up.With the experience gained from their own feed production and engineering, father and son soon started to develop mills for wet milling. This enabled amongst other the wet processing of potatoes and beet and conveying with pumps. The company also developed plant engineering skills in addition to machine design.

The current managing directors Thomas Runde and Heiko Otte-Witte manage the company with around 50 employees. Over the last 60 years, since the supply of the first mill, over 2.000 systems have been supplied worldwide. New ideas are daily added.

Consulting - Planning - Realisation: Our experience = your advantage

Our decades of experience in the mechanical mixture formation for different products is of great value for our Clients. Whether fine grinding, crushing of bulky material, compaction or disintegration of fiber products, whether for special machines with appropriate control and regulation or the renewal of existing equipment, we can always make a contribution and demonstrate with references.

Additionally, we take care to save energy, reduce explosion risks, promote occupational health and safety, noise or odor emission control and climate technology. We analyze local problems and provide you with our available test Equipment.

The treatment experts for:

  • compound feed
  • Pet Food
  • Fishmeal
  • wood, cellulose, paper
  • Food
  • silage
  • biogas substrates
  • biowaste and food Recycling
  • minerals, salts
  • Plastic Recycling


Consulting - Planning - Realisation: Our experience = your advantage


The corporate philosophy of Tietjen Verfahrenstechnik is based on our long-term corporate policy:

  • We take the path of machine manufacturer for plant Engineering
  • We design solutions for our customers
  • We design for and serve our customers