Tietjen & JUMO: Modern remote maintenance concept

Tietjen & JUMO: Modern remote maintenance concept

Automated speed control for hammer mills with remote maintenance

Grain grinding

Feed, Alcohol and Ethanol

Tietjen Biogas

Imprasyn® More biogas - Higher Return

Fibre Desintegration

Dry stalks or wet wood, we can do both.

Dust Explosion Protection

Practical and compliant

Tietjen Food recycling

Waste recycling,separating biomass and packaging

Future requires a heritage

The family enterprise Tietjen offers experience of more than 50 years own development and fabrication and of more than 2.000 machines and systems delivered worldwide. And each day we develop new ideas.

In Schleswig-Holstein in the north of Germany we design and manufacture systems for processing different bio masses. We offer machines and systems, consulting and project support. We are highly specialised on hammer mills. Besides grinding technology we are your competent partner for feeding and transport systems, dedusting and dust explosion protection, processing of substrate for biogas plants, and separation of different materials in food recycling.

We develop and design individual solutions on behalf of our customers and support you with our experience as your problem solver.